8 questions to ask yourself before choosing a carpet
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Carpets make home life comfortable, relaxing and colorful. At the same time, the space can be integrated into one in the home life design, and it can even reduce noise.

Carpets make home life comfortable, relaxing and colorful. At the same time, the space can be integrated into one in the home life design, and it can even reduce noise. However, before buying a home rug, you need some simple skills. Although it is good to have a high-value carpet, usually due to the lack of attention to details of the homeowner, the selected carpet material is not durable, and even after buying it, it is found that it is not suitable for your room or lifestyle. Carpets come in many sizes, styles, and materials, and need regular care and maintenance. In order to solve everyone’s questions, or suggest that before choosing a carpet, ask yourself 8 questions:

01. What is my lifestyle

"Attention to the homeowner's lifestyle is a designer's professional habit, and also the most basic quality." Choose the content and texture of the carpet according to your lifestyle. For areas where the home space often moves, a low-pile wool carpet is easier to clean than fluffy pile. Flat fabrics are also in the low-maintenance category, and are friendly to children and pets, so that dust will not be deposited on the surface. For bedrooms or areas with less moving lines, consider soft mohair or silk carpets. They all look amazing and feel good with bare feet. Carpets made of natural fibers require high maintenance and are not suitable for families with babies and pets.

02. How do I choose the size

Carpets extend the space vision. Small carpets placed in large spaces can of course be used as decorations, but not too small. A carpet that is too small will only make you look cheap. But in general, the size is definitely determined by the shape of the room and the layout of the furniture. In a sense, the size of the carpet is large or small, and the reasonable selection of the size can make the space more open. Huozhe believes that "in an open concept space, a large carpet can play a huge role. Put all the furniture on the carpet for unified decoration, and create an area with a specific purpose."

03. What is the focus of my function

Flat-woven carpets made of wool yarn or acrylic yarn suitable for indoor and outdoor use are both self-cleaning and durable. If the carpet is rich and colorful, but also has a complicated pattern design, the stains will not be obvious. It is especially helpful if there are children and furry pets in the family, or the environment in the kitchen for cooking and eating. Although all carpets can be professionally cleaned, if you do not want to increase the cost, it is best not to buy too expensive carpets.

04. What is my favorite style of carpet

Neutral tone, bold enough styles, and geometric shapes are common choices. Sometimes, adding a different style of carpet to your space will give you a refreshing effect. Retro-style carpets bring a sense of quality and history to any space, especially when the building is more modern, it highlights the unique taste of the owner.

05. Weigh the pros and cons of your choice

From a decorative point of view, a unique and one-of-a-kind rug is a real work of art, and high-quality rugs are usually a more sensible choice. The design elements of the carpet-themes and colors have cultural significance. Many handmade rugs with a sense of history are usually made better. They may not be brighter than new rugs, but they are more expensive than many new rugs, so you have to take this into consideration.

06. Online shopping or physical store

There are a lot of carpet resources on the Internet, but not all of them are trustworthy. The credibility can be determined from the website’s product photos and descriptions, shop transparency, and user reviews. If the carpet is more expensive, then a condition report is required. It is recommended to choose a seller with a flexible return policy. If the size or color scheme does not match the other decorations of the space, choose to return or replace a more suitable carpet. There is no harm in going to a few shops, there is no substitute for feeling.

07. Do I care about the price of carpets?

Carpets, especially hand-made retro styles, are expensive. Even a brand new large cotton carpet can be expensive. Sometimes machine-made and tufted carpets can be as expensive as retro styles, so you can make more comparisons. You have to realize that carpet is an investment, which may help alleviate the blow of huge upfront expenses.

08. Bargaining strategy

Bargaining strategies tend to perform better in flea markets, but if you buy multiple carpets from a physical store or a dealer, you can negotiate, but when you shop online, you have to wait for discounts and holiday promotions.

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